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Magisto: Magical Video Editor is a video editing tool that takes control of converting your home videos into authentic movies - just like magic.

All you need to do is choose two or more videos, a song for its soundtrack, confirm your selections... and wait a few minutes for the program to work its magic, a process that will take its time depending on how many clips you've selected.

Once it's done, you can check and see how the app has used the best parts of your videos and has edited them using your sound track and the necessary transitions.

How does it work? According to Magisto, the application uses a sort of artificial intelligence that analyzes the videos and chooses the most interesting fragments. Of course, this isn't an exact science, but it produces good results most of the time.

Magisto: Magical Video Editor is certainly a different video-editing tool. The nice thing is, using it requires so little effort that even if you're unhappy with the final results, it was still worth a try.
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